Stüssy x Mountain Hardwear

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The two California-based brands have united their efforts to present a distinctive assortment of clothing, beckoning you to embark on an outdoor adventure.

Mountain Hardwear is well-known for its durable, technical gear designs, making it the ideal partner for Stüssy. Collaboratively, these two teams have worked tirelessly to honor their mutual love for the great outdoors, resulting in a collection that encompasses an array of garments. This includes jackets, quilted vests, cozy fleeces, thermal pants, tees, caps, and even a sleeping bag.

All the designs are adorned in vibrant hues, such as electric blue and lively orange, which shatter the stereotype that autumn is a dull season. They also feature the collaborative logos of both brands, symbolizing their partnership.

The Stüssy x Mountain Hardwear collection is available from today, on the Stüssy website.

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