Volker Hermes Presents “Hidden Portraits” NFT Collection

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On February 3, 2022, the first collection of Hidden Portraits by Volker Hermes will premiere as NFTs on SuperRare. Hidden Portraits are digital interventions of photos of historical portrait paintings or sculptures. They reinterpret historical portraits through a modern lens. Using only elements from the original work, contemporary artist Volker Hermes visually manipulates famous Old Masters portraits, exploring expression when the face is obscured.

By blocking the emotions expressed by the face, Hermes invites viewers to observe ancient codes of fashion as symbols of self-representation and social status. Then, with a contemporary perspective, great respect, and a dash of humor, he layers the codes of our times over the codes of ancient times.

The Hidden Portrait NFT Collection will include 70 unique NFTs in total. These portraits will be released in 10 series with seven 7 portraits per series. 

All information about this collection and the general approach of Hermes can be found on the Hidden Portraits website.

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