Yue Minjun x AllRightsReserved Presents “Kung Fu”

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Chinese artist Yue Minjun has unveiled a limited edition sculpture titled “Kung Fu,” collaboratively crafted with AllRightsReserved.

We have always had a special admiration for Bruce Lee. His movies have a significant impact on me. This sculpture represents a boxing pose, reflecting a sense of personal heroism. This position embodies great power and determination

– Yue Minjun

Moreover, this opus serves as an avant-garde expedition into the tapestry of Chinese cultural legacy, ingeniously summoning echoes of martial prowess, the virtue of patience, and the rhythmic flux of energy.

Forged meticulously in bronze and towering at a height of 35cm, this extraordinary sculpture is limited to a mere 30 units. Mark your calendars as it becomes available for acquisition on the March 6, exclusively through the avant-garde realm of DDTStore.

Photos: Yue Minjun / AllRightsReserved

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