1964 Blanc x 7 Days Active

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1664 Blanc has done a good job in the branding department. The beer has become one of the most popular in Denmark, and have now teamed up with the up and comming sports and activewear brand 7 Days Active, which is founded by the former model and basketball / sneaker connoisseur Malkit Singh.

The French beer label is no stranger to fashion, they have shown a heavy pressence at Copenhagen Fashion Week the last couple of years, and they will be sponsoring it this year.

The limited edition collection arrives in sharp colors like, pink, tuscan green and princess blue, and features a bomber jacket, a crewnewck, a long shirt tee, T-shirts, pants and caps. Co-branding appears on all of the garments.

The 1964 Blanc x 7 Days Active collection will be released on June 3, on the 7 Days Active website, while NAKED CPH and Butler (June 4th), will have release parties for the collection.

Photos: 7 Days Active

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