Casablanca FW24 “Venus as a Boy” Collection

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Charaf Tajer made a groundbreaking debut with his latest showcase, “Venus as a Boy,” hosted at the majestic Cirque D’Hiver in Paris. This event drew the attention of international luminaries like Saweetie,Marco Asensio and Achraf Hakimi, turning it into the focal point of the third day of Paris Fashion Week.

Inside the enchanting Cirque D’Hiver, where the blue floor harmonized with the red armchairs of the Bouglione room, an immersive experience unfolded. Tajer, drawing inspiration from the enigmatic rituals of Eleusis—an ancient Greek city shrouded in secrecy—unfolded a collection that not only captured timeless beauty but also paid homage to the profound impact of ancient Greece on contemporary culture.

Guided by the transcendental vibes of Björk’s iconic track, “Venus as a Boy,” Charaf Tajer harnessed the energy of mythological interpretations, seamlessly weaving them into the fabric of the present. Just as Venus echoed the Roman incarnation of Aphrodite, Casablanca embarked on a journey to reinterpret this mythological figure, exploring new facets of identity through a modern lens.

The collection emerged as a fusion of art and fashion, showcasing collaborations with acclaimed artist Jeff Hamilton and the iconic sandal brand Ancient Greek Sandals. From intricately embroidered leather jackets to reimagined sandal silhouettes, these partnerships underscored Casablanca’s prowess in blending art and fashion on a singular canvas, producing pieces that transcend temporal confines and fleeting trends.

Photos: Casablanca

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