HELIOT EMIL x Alpinestars “SHELTER” Collection

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In an avant-garde fusion of creativity, the latest collaboration between HELIOT EMIL and Alpinestars RSRV emerges, birthing a capsule that transcends the boundaries of both protection and style. Impeccably handcrafted within HELIOT EMIL’s Copenhagen-based workshop, this 20-piece series seamlessly marries the brand’s distinct universe with Alpinestars RSRV’s cutting-edge technological innovations.

The exclusive pop-up, a joint venture with Grailed in the Marais, unfolded as an immersive odyssey into Heliot Emil’s realm, culminating in the spotlight piece—a sculpture meticulously crafted from 37 retired Alpinestars MotoGP airbags.

At its essence, the collaboration becomes a testament to the creative potential residing within existing materials and the unexplored avenues of extending their life cycles. Be it through repurposing, recycling, or innovative transformations of ostensibly discarded materials, this venture embodies a harmonious convergence of Alpinestars’ technological prowess, HELIOT EMIL’s avant-garde shapes, and Grailed’s dedication to showcasing singular fashion pieces. The resultant sculpture becomes a striking centerpiece, an embodiment of the synergy between these three entities.

Beyond the realms of aesthetics and utility, the “SHELTER” collection, in tandem with the Alpinestars collaboration, ventures into a broader contemplation of protection. While conventional notions tie protection to the physical realm, Heliot Emil beckons us to ponder the safeguarding of the soul. Helmets, knee pads, and motorcycle gear take on an existential significance, morphing into symbolic armor. Each detail, every meticulously chosen fabric, exudes a deliberate intent to shield and preserve.

The palette, dominated by muted tones ranging from soft grays to profound blacks, elicits a dual sense of physical and emotional security. It is a tranquility amidst the storm, a promise of refuge during times of adversity. The garments, with their interplay of strength and vulnerability evident in every seam and detail, evolve into more than mere shields against external elements—they become armor against internal tribulations. This visual language articulates the intricacies of protection, underscoring the imperative to balance strength with delicacy in the complex dance of safeguarding.


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