Daniel Fleur and His Favorite Things

by Rubén Palma
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Born in 1992, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Daniel Fleur, currently resides and works in Malmø, Sweden. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Art, and a Master of Fine Art, from The Malmø Art Academy (2013 – 2018). Fleur has showcased his works in recent solo exhibitions, such as “Work Hard, Play Hard”, at the Waddstrōm Tōnnheim Gallery in Malmø, “Opaque Referents of Merge” at Stene Projects in Stockholm, and “Full Size Render” at KANT in Copenhagen. Fleur’s exceptional talent, has earned him notable scholarships and grants, including the One Year Working Grant from The Swedish Art Grants Committee, Ellen Trotzig Scholarship from Malmø Art Museum, and Helge Axson Johnsons Scholarship. His artworks have been acquired by public collections such as Public Art Agency Sweden, Malmø Art Museum, The Region of Skåne Art Collection, and numerous private collections across Europe and North America.

Text courtesy of Galleri KANT.

For more information about Daniel, check out his Instagram.

Without further ado. Here are Daniel Fleur’s favorite things.

Favorite movie(s) and why?

Involuntary by Ruben Östlund. Ruben Östlund is known for his distinct narrative style and unconventional storytelling techniques. His movies often challenge traditional cinematic conventions, pushing the boundaries of what is expected in terms of plot structure and character development. This innovative approach captivated me and made me realize that movies can be more than just a linear sequence of events. His films has a way of drawing me in and keeping me invested in the story. Whether through thought-provoking themes, complex character dynamics, or unexpected twists, Östlund’s storytelling resonates with me on an emotional and intellectual level.

Favorite singer?

Bruce Springsteen.

Favorite website?


Favorite athlete and why?

Armand Duplantis. Because of his exceptional talent, technique, and consistency in clearing impressive heights. His world records and numerous championship titles can serve as strong evidence of his extraordinary abilities and I cannot stop to wonder how much potential he has for even greater accomplishments in the future.

Favorite app?


Favorite superhero?


Favorite brand?

Old Holland.

Favorite book and why?

My struggle by Karl Ove Knausgård. One of the defining characteristics of the series is its commitment to portraying the everyday details of life in an unfiltered and honest manner. By delving into both the ordinary and mundane aspects of life, the book allowed me as a reader to find moments of relatability and familiarity. This realistic portrayal resonated deeply with me as a reader, and gave me a sense of connection to the author’s experiences and encouraged me to find significance in my own surroundings and to appreciate the subtleties of life. Knausgård’s writing style evoked strong emotional responses as well. By delving into his own vulnerabilities, struggles, and triumphs, he taps into universal human experiences and emotions. The book’s ability to evoke a range of emotions, such as joy, sorrow, frustration, and hope, created a powerful and immersive reading experience for me.

Favorite food?


Favorite sparetime activity?

Spend time with family.

Favorite TV show?

Breaking bad.

Favorite song?

Born to run by Bruce Springsteen.

Favorite comedian?

Jonathan Unge.

Favorite music?


Favorite designer?

Hans J. Wegner 

Favorite car?

Audi TT.

Favorite city and why?

New York City. Because of its vibrant and diverse culture, iconic landmarks and architecture, and because it’s a global hub for arts and entertainment.

Favorite artist(s) and why?

Andreas Eriksson. I like the way he employs various techniques, such as layering, texture building, to create rich and tactile surfaces. His use of materials adds depth and complexity to his artworks, creating a visually engaging experience for viewers.

Favorite actor? 

It varies a lot. But right now it’s Zlatko Burić in Ruben Östlunds Triangle of Sadness.

Favorite sport?


Favorite work of art and why?

It’s too hard to choose.. Sorry. 

Favorite magazine and why?

I don’t read magazines. 

Favorite comic book character?

Donald Duck.

Favorite drink?

Gin and tonic.

Favorite color?

Cobalt blue.

Favorite person?

My wife Caroline or my daughter Léonie.

Favorite country?


Favorite sports team?

Malmö FF.

Favorite animal and why?

I have a french bulldog in my family, and I love dogs. But my favorite animal might be horse. Horses are often associated with strength, power, and freedom. To witness a horse in motion, whether galloping across a field or gracefully trotting, evokes a sense of awe and admiration for their inherent strength and the freedom they embody.

Favorite online game(s)?

I played a game on PS3 called Little Big Planet when I was younger. I don’t play games anymore. 

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