Dekmantel x Salomon XT-4 OG

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Dekmantel, the renowned electronic music institution, and outdoor giant Salomon, has teamed up for the first time and presented a limited edition collaboration.

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant energy that festival-goers bring to the Amsterdam forest each year, Dekmantel and Salomon have joined forces to create the ultimate festival shoe. The XT-4 OG, born from the fusion of Dekmantel’s raw, organic aesthetic and Salomon’s expertise, is specifically designed to withstand the rigors of festival life.

The Amsterdam forest serves as a magical backdrop and a mecca for electronic music enthusiasts during Dekmantel events. Embracing the vast meadows and majestic trees, the festival seamlessly integrates nature into its experience. It is from this very magic that the collaboration with Salomon takes flight.

The avant-garde design of the XT-4 OG beautifully complements the festival’s new identity for this season. But beyond the physical aspect, this unique collaboration represents the convergence of two visionary disciplines: Salomon’s boundary-pushing approach to sport, and Dekmantel’s innovative contributions to the world of electronic music. Together, they create a true celebration of creativity and expression.

Mark your calendars! The exclusive Salomon XT-4 OG for Dekmantel will be up for grabs on the Dekmental website, starting from July 19, as well as the Salomon website, on July 26. Don’t miss out on this limited edition collaboration!

Photos: Salomon / Dekmantel

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