‘Imperial Dreams’ The Magnificent Ghetto Film You Never Knew About

by Rubén Palma
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Imperial Dreams is directed by Malik Vitthal and is one of the best films in this genre, despite having gone almost unnoticed (even being on Netflix). Released in 2014 and starring John Boyega (one of the main characters in the latest trilogy of “Star Wars”), “Imperial Dreams” tells how a young man returns home after spending time in prison.

What in theory was going to be an integration full of dreams, projects and illusions, is soon cut short by the harsh reality. They tell you to join and become part of the system, but that same machinery does everything possible to leave you out.

The search for work when you’re already marked by society, the lack of preparation, the absence of parental roles and a world around you that invites you to return to the path of crime is almost the only way out.

But although we are in a full-blown drama, “Imperial Dreams” offers the rest of the hood-movie lovers: rap, some action and everyday life in the ghetto.The thing is, that it does it from a more sincere and real point of view. Check out the trailer below and stay tuned to Overstandard for more updates.

Photo: Netflix / Youtube

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