Norse Projects x Geoff McFetridge

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The Danish clothing brand Norse Projects has teamed up with the Los Angeles based artist Geoff McFetridge for a clothing collection, where McFetridge has selected the materials, colors, designs and illustrations. It features garments for daily use inspired by work clothes, to graphic pieces, in which McFetridge’s poem stands out: “the farther you go the deeper it gets”, which is the motto of the collection and is embroidered on jackets or shirts.

“The main design shows a person projecting a work of art from a meditation. This drawing is meant to express how transcendent action is a powerful force to push back the noise of our culture. The head projects a barrier so that things are projected backwards ”.

– Geoff McFetridge

The Norse Projects x Geoff McFetridge will be released on May 20, on the Norse Projects website.

Photos: Norse Projects

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