VÉHICULE is Big With Gen-Z

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The good folks behind VÉHICULE, are always up to something. And after having presented a string of collabs and capsule collections, the avantgarde brand, seems to be succesful, where a lot of brands are failing, and that is appealing and resonating, with the ever growing, Gen-Z population.

Part of it can be attributed to understanding what the new generation wants, as well as, adapting to todays climate of branding. Assembling “Street teams” in various big cities all over the world, doing guerilla style marketing, plastering posters, stickers and tagging their logo on noticeable, public places are some of the strategies, the team behind the growing brand applies. Or as VÉHICULE founder, Christopher Kippenberger, puts it: “Mob mentality, decentralised network is harder to take down”.

Check out the full interview with Kippenberger here.

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