Vetements Opens a New Uncensored Instagram Account

by Rubén Palma
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Vetements has just created a new Instagram account called “Vetements Uncensored“. While not much is revealed yet about what type of content the brand will share.
The private account biography says: “What you are about to witness will upset you. It will even surprise you. There is a dark side of humanity that the censors will not let you see … but we will “, along with an emoji of more than 18 years, implying that it will share adult content.

After the preview, the brand also shared an image of condoms with the Vetements brand on its main Instagram page, accompanied by the caption: “We will accept your requests soon; after that, access to vetements_uncensored will be closed and no new requests will be closed. accepted for an indefinite period of time. You must apply now if you are willing to enter «.

Judging by what the brand has provided so far, followers will be able to send images or videos to appear on the page or perhaps we will find exclusive images.

Photos: Vetements

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