Arc’Teryx Veilance Fall 2023

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Arc’Teryx Veilance just dropped their fresh gear for fall 2023, and it’s all about tackling those wild weather vibes. Picture this: a lineup of dope threads made from high-tech, super-light fabrics that laugh in the face of rain, wind, you name it.

The whole collection is like a symphony of versatility. Check out the Altus insulated jacket, ready to slay with GORE-TEX and GORE C-KNIT™ tech – it’s practically a shield against the elements. Then there’s the Euler insulated jacket, slick as ice with its stand-up collar and pockets that can fit your whole world. And don’t even trip, it’s got Coreloft™ insulation for that cozy factor.

But wait, there’s more! The Mionn insulated overshirt steps up, packing Coreloft™ padding and a TerraTex™ nylon shell that’s like, “Wind and fog, who’s that?” Sleek and clean vibes, my friend.

Don’t sleep on the hooded Quartic jacket. It’s like the chameleon of jackets – versatile AF. And if you’re all about transitions, the Isogon MX jacket is your wingman. It rocks a double-layer softshell fabric that’s like, “Moisture, you ain’t invited here!” Plus, an adjustable hood for extra swagger.

Oh, we’re not done yet. Peep the Frame LS T-shirt – it’s all about that ultra-fine merino wool goodness. Keeps you cozy and regulates your temp like a champ. And let’s not forget the Voronoi pant, a true game-changer. It’s got laminated construction and Fortius™ 2.0 softshell fabric made from recycled nylon. Sustainable style, baby.

Want in on this action? The first wave of Arc’Teryx Veilance’s Fall 2023 collection just hit their website.

Photos: Arc’Teryx Veilance

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