Awake NY Unveils New Collection in Honor of Gil Scott-Heron

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Along with the collection’s announcement, Awake posted on Instagram that “[Scott-Heron’s] lyrics frequently addressed social issues such as racism, poverty, and drug addiction.” “With this special collection, we pay tribute to their legacy and impact.”

The clothing is decorated with images and wording honoring Scott-Heron’s key achievements. For instance, the “Camp Shirt” features illustrations from Scott-Heron’s well-known poetry collection “Now and Then,” while the sweatshirt features lyrics from his well-known jazz composition “Lady Day and John Coltrane.”

Along with Scott-Heron photographs and lyrics from “Pieces of a Man,” the collection also includes a long-sleeve T-shirt and a six-panel cap with the words “Lady Day and John Coltrane” embroidered on the front. Additionally, the rug in the collection bears the title page of Scott-Heron’s poetry collection, “Small Talk at 125th and Lenox”.

The Gil Scott-Heron collection by Awake NY is available now, on the Awake NY website.

Photos: Awake NY

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