Barbour x Baracuta Updates The G9

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The two British brands, Barbour and Baracuta, have come together for an exclusive rendezvous. Their mission: to unveil a groundbreaking capsule collection that’s part of the FW23 lineup.

In this creative union, both brands have embarked on a quest to breathe fresh life into the legendary Baracuta Harrington jacket, famously known as the G9. This timeless piece originated in the rain-soaked streets of Manchester back in 1938, a mere year after the inception of Baracuta. And now, in 2023, as it celebrates its 85th birthday, the G9 remains as inspired as ever. Its roots trace back to the Ivy League, where American students first embraced its versatile silhouette. In the 1960s, it ignited a fashion revolution in the United Kingdom.

The collaborative effort brings a contemporary spin to the G9, as Barbour’s distinctive elements merge seamlessly, creating a modernized interpretation while preserving the essence of tradition. Three captivating combinations await your discovery, each boasting a fusion of the signature tartan patterns from both brands: the Barbour Classic Tartan and the Baracuta Fodera Fraser Tartan lining. Practicality is key, with multiple pockets and a shared brand emblem adorning the linings.

The Barbour x Barracuda collection is available now.

Photos: Barbour / Baracuta

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