BYREDO Presents New Makeup Collection with Isamaya Ffrench

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BYREDO has unveiled a new makeup line in collaboration with the beauty exec and creative director, Isamaya Ffrench.

The fragrance brand wants to bring the same innovative approach that characterizes it with its first makeup collection. Byredo founder, Ben Gorham reflects on the subjectivity of beauty and hence the approach that together with Isamaya have brought to the collection.

“This is the visual manifestation of beauty for Byredo, as different from the norm as our approach to scents.”

– Ben Gorham, founder of BYREDO

The products are intended to be as versatile as possible, inviting the user to use them in different ways as part of the enjoyment of their creative process, and can be used on eyes, lips or cheeks. In addition, the brand is committed to sustainability by using natural ingredients in the composition of its products.

In terms of design, the futuristic shapes designed by Gorham prevail. With technology and performance studied to be instinctive.

“I have always wanted to redefine the approach to creating a makeup collection. I don’t want to tell people how to use cosmetics, I just want to inspire them. I wanted to create a feeling of freedom in the way of wearing makeup, but also in the way of communicating the products ”,“ Byredo can be anything, that’s what we try to establish ”.

– Isamaya Ffrench

The new BYREDO beauty products are available now, on the BYREDO website and stores.

Photos: BYREDO

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