Ganni x New Balance – All The Details About the Collaboration

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Building upon the narrative that commenced last year with the debut of the 2002R, the dynamic partnership between GANNI and New Balance has been rekindled, this time to reimagine the 1906R and RC30 models.

In a seamless progression of this tale, our journey leads us to May of the following year, when we unveiled the initial insights into the reimagined iteration of New Balance’s 1906R by the visionary Danish brand. The 1906R takes center stage this season, resplendent in a captivating duo of color palettes: the ethereal ‘Egret’ and the vibrant ‘Blazing Yellow’. Yet, the saga continues, as we infuse this chronicle with fresh revelations surrounding a novel silhouette that has emerged onto the stage – the striking RC30.

The RC30, a masterstroke of design, strides forth, elegantly clad in the timeless combination of black and yellow. Unlike its predecessor, this iteration exudes an aura of futurism, a visual symphony of innovation. A decidedly avant-garde style emanates from its profile, marked by an intricate sole, jagged and audacious in its architecture, reaching beyond the confines of convention. With each step, the RC30 leaves an indelible mark, embodying the essence of anticipation that surrounds one of the most eagerly anticipated releases of this vibrant summer season.

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