Moncler x Zellerfeld Unveils 3D Printed Trailgrip Sneaker

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3D printed and made from a single recyclable material, the Trailgrip is part of Studio Ascenti, Moncler’s footwear showcase for Autumn/Winter 2023.

Having worked with Heron Preston, adidas, AMBUSH and Pangaia, Zellerfeld, has teamed up with the Moncler team, to create an exclusive new shoe that maintains both brands’ commitment to sustainability.

On display in Moncler’s Paris showroom, Studio Ascenti, it is being presented through an exclusive launch that will only be accessible to members of the Italian brand’s global footwear community. However, although only a limited number of units have been designed, it has been confirmed that another 3D printed design from another joint collaboration will be released soon.

Photo: Moncler / Zellerfeld

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