Tommy x Mercedes-AMG F1 x Awake NY

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Tommy Hilfiger has partnered with the Mercedes-AMG F1 Team and Awake NY, for a collection marking the brand’s return to Formula 1.

The collection fuses the urban style of Angelo Baque’s Awake NY brand with Tommy Hilfiger’s preppy aesthetic to create a range of motorsport-inspired garments. Angelo Baque, an avid Formula 1 fan and admirer of Lewis Hamilton, infused his design philosophy and values into the collection, which was launched in celebration of the Grand Prix weekend in Miami. The collection offers a unique perspective on Formula 1, bringing together diverse viewpoints in a welcoming and inspiring way.

“My visit to the Tommy Archives awakened the nostalgia of my youth and served as the inspiration for much of my vision for this collection,” (…) “My desire was to interpret streetwear and American style in an authentic way. Never in a million years would I have thought that this Ecuadorian boy from Queens, NY, would design pieces that would later be worn proudly by Lewis Hamilton, George Russell and the Mercedes-AMG team. Seeing Tommy, Lewis and I working together on this project is showing our younger selves the importance of representation.”

– Angelo Baque, Founder of Awake NY

The collection arrives with a total of seven garments, which have been reimagined from Tommy’s archives, with a fusion of racing-inspired and streetwear aesthetics. If features: polo shirts, baseball jerseys and rugby shirts, with Tommy, Awake NY and Mercedes-AMG F1 branding, is embroidered on the Additionally, a special Awake NY tribute commemorates the year the Tommy brand was launched, 1985. The color combinations in the collection feature Tommy’s signature red, white, and blue, while the Mercedes-AMG F1 parts are highlighted in green and set against the team’s primary palette of black and white.

The Tommy x Mercedes-AMG F1 x Awake NY collection, is available now, on the Tommy Hilfiger and Mercedes-AMG websites.

Photos: Tommy x Mercedes-AMG F1 x Awake NY

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