Brain Dead x Peter Sutherland

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In the artistic realm of Peter Sutherland, we find an interplay of personal portraits, landscapes, and natural elements, all encapsulated within a poetic celebration of the beauty inherent in the ordinary. Utilizing photography, film, and collage, Sutherland embraces a direct and spontaneous approach, allowing his subjects to manifest authentically without the hindrance of filters.

In homage to the distinctive visual language of this American artist and multimedia creator, Brain Dead introduces a novel outerwear concept. The Brain Dead x Peter Sutherland collection unveils two T-shirts and an array of accessories, ranging from the iconic water bottle to a sticker pack, a sports cap, and a Musette bag.

This collaborative collection, blending Brain Dead’s aesthetic with Sutherland’s artistic flair, is set to launch on December 19, on the Brain Dead website and stores, as well as Dover Street Market.

Photos: Brain Dead / Peter Sutherland

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