J. Balvin Teams up With McDonald’s

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McDonald‘s has just announced the release of a new collaboration with the Iconic musician J. Balvin who has detailed the composition of his menu.

The recent collaboration between Travis Scott and McDonald’s was news around the world . Focused on its Happy Meals with its collaborations, McDonald’s has always focused on fantastic entertainment. The fast-food brand thus confirms its desire to make a lasting contribution to rap by partnering with J. Balvin. The Colombian rapper, interviewed for Hypebeast, grew up with McDonald’s where he had his predefined menu:

I had my Big Mac, McFlurry Oreo, and my usual medium fries. I’ve always eaten the same thing since I was a kid – but without pickles.

– J. Balvin

The musician also plans to release a whole collection of clothes for this collaboration.

You can order your Big Mac without pickle with medium fries and a McFlurry Oreo from October 5 to November 1, during which time the menu will be available in America.


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