Only NY x New York Magazine “New Yawk”

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The good folks over at Only NY has teamed up with their neighbours, in the form of the legendary New York Magazine, and named the collaboration “New Yawk“, in true New York accent. The launch includes a hoodie and a t-shirt that are already available on the New York Magazine website.

“When we think of the phenomenon of people using local products and the special pride of being New Yorkers, we inevitably go for the classic New York accent, something we hope will never die out. In our research, we found old memories with New Yawk about the iconic 80’s skyline. That gave us the idea to do a special issue that altered our own logo. It is both a tribute and a playful touch-up of a classic. We had collaborated with OnlyNY before, using vintage hand-drawn classics from Milton Glaser, the magazine’s co-founder, so it was only natural to return to them for this special issue. “

Photos: Only NY x New York Magazine

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